Loctite vs Permatex – Thread Sealant & Threadlocker Comparison

Permatex and Loctite are two of the biggest hitters in the adhesive market. Loctite is significantly more popular than Permatex – no surprise, as they have a ton more products – but in recent years, I’ve seen people recommending to use Permatex two. But, which is the better option out of the two? The reality … Read more


Xtra Heavy Duty Green Grease vs Red n Tacky

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How to Use a Grease Gun | Tips for Beginners

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Grease Gun not working properly? Do this!

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What kind of Grease is best for brake pads?

If you’re looking at applying grease to your brake pads, then it pays to know which type of grease is most effective. If you use the incorrect type of grease for your brake pads, then you run the risk of damaging the pads or at the very least, making them inefficient. Fortunately, all of the … Read more