Best Grease Gun


If you’re looking to apply grease properly, then you’ll undoubtedly need to consider investing in a good quality grease gun. If you’re working in a garage, then you’ll undoubtedly have to get your hands on a grease gun – but how can you decide on which the best one is for your needs? Well, fortunately I’ve been in the auto field for a long time, so I know a little bit about what it takes to make a good grease gun.

So, let’s take a look at what my favorite options currently are, as well as talking a little about what you need to loom for if you’re getting yourself a new grease gun.

Best Grease Gun

Workforce Mini Grease Gun

The Workforce mini grease gun stands out as one of the best mini grease guns available today, as it is suitable even for the beginners. This grease gun looks small in nature but the fact that it gets the job done makes it worth investing in. The durability level of this grease gun is commendable and it has a resistant follower, quality rod and long-lasting springs.

This is a grease gun that is the favorite for mechanics and handymen, you will find it useful when you need to get to tight spots that can only be reached using a smaller tool.  You have a variety to choose from as you can get  a lever action gun or a suction gun. Also available in the market is a heavy duty one, with rigid extension gun or a pistol grip one, with flexible extension.

With $25 or less, you can buy this mini grease gun in the stores near you or contact the manufacturers to ship one for you. The Workforce Mini Grease Gun is suitable for you as its cartridge can be loaded with a capacity of up to 3 ounces. This mini grease gun can serve you for long and its grip is better than that of most mini grease guns.

YaeTek Grease Gun

YaeTek 4500 PSI Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Style Grease Gun, Aluminum Anodized Canister with 12" flex hose and 6'' rigid extension
  • Heavy duty aluminum anodized canister.
  • Includes a 12" flex hose and a 5-1/2" metal extension with coupler, can pump out the grease in 3 Modes
  • A rubber sleeve on the barrel provides added grip in slippery situations.
  • The aluminum barrel saves weight over traditional steel models, while the pistol grip actuator creates plenty of leverage for all day comfort
  • First assembly will need to assist with a wrench Hose thread screw in.

Are you looking for a grease gun that has a good grip even when the conditions are slippery? The YaeTek grease gun is the piece to buy. This extraordinary grease gun gives an all-day comfort irrespective of the conditions. Its heavy-duty nature makes it stand out as the best mini grease gun

With $ 20 0r less, you can get this aluminum anodized canister from the stores near you. It is also possible to order one from the manufacturer and get it shipped to you. This grease gun is lighter than its traditional counterparts as it has an aluminum barrel

Are you looking for a mini grease gun that is easy to use and load cartridges? This is the mini grease gun to purchase and you are provided with a DIY user guide. It is also pretty easy to pump it using one hand; thus making it more comfortable to use.

This is the mini grease gun to buy if you are looking for a multipurpose piece. You can use it in your vehicle or truck and the same can still be used on your mower. Store this handy tool in your store, workshop or garage as you will need it one day.

DeWalt Grease Gun

DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Delivers 10,000 max psi
  • EXTENDED RUN TIME: Up to 16 cartridges per charge
  • REACH HARD TO ACCESS FITTINGS: Featuring our 42" extra-long flex hose
  • ENHANCED VISIBILITY: LED Lighting assists in locating hard to see grease fittings in low-light situations

Are you looking for the best mini grease gun that is technologically advanced? The DeWalt grease gun is one of its kinds fitted with lighting gadgets. You do not have to only reach to those tight ends as you can also get to view then better.

Cleaning gadgets can be a hard task but not anymore with the DeWalt grease gun. The manufacturers fitted this gun with an innovative pump filter that is dirt resistant. Dirt particles and other contaminants cannot attach themselves to this grease gun. Reach out to hard to access fittings without worrying about your gadgets becoming dirty or contaminated.

This grease gun is fitted with a powerful motor that can leases lubricant of up to 5 ounces. You are not limited to accessing tight corners or viewing points under dim conditions when you are armed with a DeWalt grease gun. With $ 30 or less, you can get yourself this unique grease gun.

Though the grease gun has been fitted with extra gadgets, the manufacturer has not compromised on its quality. Getting the mini grease gun from an authorized dealer is necessary if you want to acquire a long lasting gadget. A long lifespan, good quality, and a warranty are some of the things to look for in the best mini grease gun.

Lincoln Grease Gun

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun with Whip Hose and Rigid Pipe
  • Rugged cast pump head for strength and durability
  • Tools jam-proof toggle mechanism prevents binding or accidental bending of plunger
  • Tools extra-heavy follower spring insures positive priming and uninterrupted pumping action
  • Accessible check valve allows easy cleaning without gun disassembly
  • Precision fit and hardened plunger prevents lubricant bypass, resists scoring for longer life

Are you looking for the best mini grease gun with a variable speed trigger? Lincoln grease gun is the type to buy if you are looking for one with superior lubricant flow. Its pump is designed in an innovative manner that supports prevention of priming issues. This is the pump that operates under high pressure and its control is automated.

Buy the Lincoln grease gun and enjoy its ruggedness. Its cast pump is made of quality material that can be described as strong and durable. With $ 50 or less, you can walk into a store and get one, or order one from the manufacturer.

 The Lincoln grease gun plunger is known as strong with little possibilities of bending accidentally. The jam-proof toggle mechanism is used in the manufacturing process; thus making it strong. The lubricant is prevented from bypassing; thus increasing its life span.

This is one of the mini grease guns that makes its cleaning easier. You do not have to dismantle the mini grease gun for you to clean. The check valves are easily Accessible and can be cleaned without any inconvenience. Buy this heavy duty pistol grip grease gun that has a rigid pipe and with whip hose.

GreaseTek Grease Gun

GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 18" Hose and Extension Pipe
  • Improved plunger design for easy priming and loading; 400c.c. Delivers: 1oz./ 40 strokes
  • Includes 18" hose with coupler and extension pipe with coupler
  • Pistol grip handle and knurled barrel increase grip
  • Includes bleeder valve and bulk filer valve
  • Dual-positioning grease loader for multiple positions

Are you looking for a durable, reliable and easy to handle mini grease gun? The GreaseTek grease gun is the type of mini grease gun to buy. This is the most common type of mini grease gun and is easy to find in the market. Any mechanic that has used this type of mini grease can testify of a fail-safe tool.

This is the type of a mini grease gun that has an additional extension piper to help you reach those challenging positions. Its plunger is designed uniquely to ease simple loading and priming. Get yourself this simple but brilliant mini grease gun.

With $20 or less, you can get yourself this mini grease gun. This is one of the best mini grease guns that support multiple positions. Enjoy also working with a mini grease gun that has an increased grip from its knurled barrel and Pistol grip handle.

The GreaseTek grease gun is the tool to have when you are challenged by complex positions of points to reach. You do not have to worry about the depth of these points as the additional extension will be of great help. This is the mini grease gun to have if you get to attend to a variety of needs with varying specifications.

What to Consider before Buying a Grease Gun

The best grease gun in the market is one that is efficient and can be used to accomplish various tasks. But, you might need some help deciding on what exactly makes a good grease gun. So, here’s what you’ll want to consider before purchasing a new grease gun.


Overall, these are just a few suggestions for grease guns. There’s a ton of other options online, so it’s worth having a browse if you’re not sold on the selection I’ve picked (though these are the best collection that I can find online!).

Best Super Glue [Ultimate Guide 2019]


A good super glue is a necessity in pretty much any home – especially if you have kids that are prone to breaking things. Super glue has a ton of different uses which make it one of the most versatile adhesives available. But, which option is the best for you?

If you’re looking for a new super glue, then there’s a few different options that are currently available. Whilst they’re all similar in the way that they are made, there are some that perform better than others. So, here’s a list of the best super glues that are currently available.

Best Super Glue

Gorilla Glue Clear Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue Gel, 20 Gram, Clear
  • No run control gel formula; great for use on vertical surfaces
  • Anti clog cap: keeps glue from drying out, its Gorilla tough use after use
  • Impact tough: unique rubber particles increase impact resistance and strength
  • Fast-setting: dries in 10-30 seconds, no clamping required
  • Versatile: bonds plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper and more

Gorilla super glue is the best glue to use at the comfort of your home or workplace, on the small objects or materials. It is the perfect option for items you need to use immediately after fixing. It sets so fast and takes 10 to 45 seconds to dry after you apply it on your material that needs fixing. It’s highly efficient so you need to use just a little amount per fixing and of course depending on the size of material.

Once you apply it on your material and it sticks, the material will not fall loose again or fall apart due to impact the object may receive from dropping or getting hit. This glue is very strong and has high resistance to impact. These features it owes to the rubber particles added to the glue.

Gorilla super glue can be used on a variety of materials such as plastics, fabrics, metals, ceramics, and various others because of the cyanoacrylate which is one of its ingredient. This glue doesn’t limit the number of times you use it or how long you take before using it. It has a metal pin fitted on the inside of its anti-clog lid that makes it air-tight.

Krazy Glue

Krazy Glue Maximum Bond Super Glue, No-Run Gel, 20 Grams
  • Maximum-strength formula sets fast and delivers a durable, shock-resistant bond
  • Ultra-thick, no-run gel is great for vertical surfaces and difficult, mismatched surfaces
  • Designed to withstand impact and changes in temperature - ideal for objects used every day
  • Extended tip makes it easy to get the super glue into tight spaces
  • Bonds to a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces including ceramic, plastic, porcelain, metal, rubber and vinyl

Your perfect choice for fixing heavy objects is Krazy glue. It has a formula that gives it shock-resistant and long-lasting bonds. These bonds enhance the impact resistance of the glue and its strength. They also enable the glue to bear temperature change like too cold or too hot weathers. Your objects will last long despite the temperature and impact they receive, when you use Krazy glue. It also sets fast and does not take long to dry upon application.

Unlike most glues, this glue can be used on surfaces that don’t match, and vertical objects. This is so because it does not leave a mess like glues that drip. It is thick hence its flow is a bit restricted. It’s highly viscous.

Krazy glue is the best glue for porous objects such a pots and ceramics. However, you can also use it to stick other materials like plastics, metals, rubber or vinyl and it will function well. Its packaging has an extended tip which allows you to apply it in difficult places such as small holes where objects are to be inserted. The tip will fit perfectly and by pressing on the tube, you’ll manage to apply it in the hole.

Super Glue Multi Pack

Super Glue 15187 Gel, Clear
  • Original Super Glue forms the strongest bonds on clean breaks of non-porous materials
  • Super glue for wood, ceramic, fingernails, metal, pottery, plastic, china, jewelry, and more
  • Fast-drying formula bonds instantly and sets in 10-30 seconds; paintable and sandable
  • Precision applicator eliminates runs and drips
  • Reusable storage comes with 12-Count 2-gram tubes (24 grams total)

Super Glue Multi Pack comes in a package of twelve tubes, each tube with 2 grams. This glue has nice packaging that enhances its durability. It also has an airtight cap in each tube that makes the glue reusable with no difficulties. You still need to be careful with where you place it and how, for it to last long and be easily reusable.

Though most people find it hard to break the seals and open the package, it is not as hard. You only need to learn how to do so. For the package, it opens into two an upper and bottom side. Do not cut it for easy covering later. For the single tubes, use the cap to break the seal.

Once you apply it, it forms bonds immediately and it sets within no time. You can use your objects a few seconds after applying this glue and be sure that they will not part. You should not be quick to expose your objects to very harsh conditions. Use them lightly for a day so that the glue cures completely.

This glue is the best to be used between smooth surfaces or clean breaks. This is because it forms very strong bonds in compact joints. It is specially made to be best for non-porous materials like objects made of rubber or metal. It can also be used to repair wood, ceramics, pots and plastics, among others.

Loctite Super Glue

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4-Gram (1363589)
  • Bonds nearly all household materials - metal, plastic, ceramic, wood, rubber, leather and more
  • Patented side squeeze design maximizes control and guarantees you only dispense the amount needed
  • Ideal for vertical surfaces and bonds that are subject to daily use and harsh conditions
  • Specialized rubber toughened formula that stands up to shock, vibration and temperature extremes
  • Dries clear; no clamping required

This glue has a formula toughened by addition of rubber to enable it to form bonds that are flexible and resistant to water and impact. It is instant such that it joins your objects upon application. It dries without formation of clamps. It is also resistant to shock, vibrations, extreme temperatures.

It is fitting for application on vertical objects, porous surfaces and minor gaps that require filling. This is because it is thick and does not drip or run. It leaves no mess on your objects after application.

Loctite Super Glue is ideal for bonding objects that you use on a daily basis and that are exposed to harsh conditions. This is because it is the strongest glue. It is a multipurpose glue and can be used on surfaces or objects of different materials. You can use it on metals, wood, leather, fabric, hard plastics, ceramics, rubber and other materials.

It has a patented applicator that assists you to control the amount of glue that comes out. To release glue from the applicator, squeeze the sides. It also has a screw on its cap that ensures no glue clogs on the nozzle. To ease repeated use, store this glue in a dry place, and ensure the cap is air-tight. Also place it in an upright position.

Rhino Glue

Rhino Glue Pro Kit, Heavy Duty 65 Gram Clear
  • Rhino Glue Pro Kit, Heavy Duty 65 Gram Clear
  • Bonds in seconds plastics, vinyl, wood, rubber, metals, canvas, acrylics, ceramic, glass and more
  • Clear Stress Tough formula for impacts, shock, moisture, heat and vibrations
  • Triple distilled adhesives for faster stronger bonds
  • The Faster Stronger Tougher Glue!

Rhino Glue is sold as a package that comprises of rhino glue 40 grams, rhino glue gel 15 grams and a 10 grams brush on glue that has a brush inside the cap. All three of these products have the same formula. The brush on glue is used in very small projects to ensure bonding from edge to edge.

This glue is instant and bonds almost everything. It is triple distilled hence it works perfectly where other adhesives have failed. Its bonds do not fail when the objects are in use even after a long while. It does not have a very short setting time. This allows for proper spreading before it dries, ensuring it attaches only and all the desired areas. Its gel does not clog while drying.

It can be used very well on both similar and dissimilar surfaces. You can use it on ceramics, metals, glass, fabrics and plastics that are difficult to bond.

Its formula is toughened to aid it in forming bonds that are resistant to impacts, vibrations, temperature extremes like moisture and heat, and shock. This helps your objects to last long even when faced with harsh conditions. It is the reason why Rhino Glue is one of the best super glues.

What to Look for in a Super Glue

To fix objects in your house choose the best super glue. The one that suits your type of material, and your desires.

It is very usual to have items broken or cracked in the house. These items are not out of use because you can fix them. You can use glue to stick them together and have them continue functioning as before. It is very easy to repair your items when you use the best super glue.

Best super glues are considered so, because they take a short duration to dry and cure, they can be used on various materials, can be reused other couple of times, have good flow as desired and have strength to withstand conditions the equipment will be exposed to.Ty

Type of Glue

Before you buy a super glue, you’ll want to make sure that this is the right type of glue for your needs. In some cases, other types of glue might prove to be a better choice – for example, with furniture a wood glue is a better choice. So, make sure that you get the right type of glue for your needs.


The most important thing in my mind when using a super glue is the brand. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a super glue for it to be decent quality, but some of the store brand super glues are just.. well, useless. So, it’s definitely worth getting a decent branded super glue if you want high quality.


Overall, a good super glue will be able to glue the majority of things in your household, and it’s an essential for any DIYer. Though there aren’t much between the best glues available, often the cheap glue that you’ll find in store aren’t the best, so it’s worth getting a trusted brand that you know it going to get the job done. Sticking with something on this list is a safe choice if you want to ensure you’re going to get a quality super glue.

Best Wood Glue for Furniture, Woodwork and Everything Else


Wood glue is a necessary item in your household to fix wooden objects that require repair. They help to cut costs of having to buy a completely new object. Some glues work for just a short while then the objects detach once more. This is why you need the best wood glue for you household furniture and wooden objects.

A good wood glue is characterized by a few things such as; good strength to hold the objects together despite the conditions they are exposed to, reusability, ease of use and short setting and curing time among others. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best wood glues to consider if you’re looking for something to use with furniture and wood.

Best Wood Glue

Titebond Wood Glue

Titebond 5063 Original Wood Glue, 8-Ounces
  • This item is a Franklin International 5063 Titebond Original Wood Glue, 8-Ounce
  • Purpose of use for Hardware, wood-glues
  • This product is manufactured in United States
  • Bonds stronger than wood
  • Fast Set - Short Clamp Time

This glue is made of aliphatic resins. It has a strong tack initially and it sets very fast hence its clamp time is minimized. This gives you the advantage of using your hardware or object almost immediately after application of glue.

It has a uniquely strong bond which in most cases is stronger than the bond forming woods. This makes it the best glue to be used on woods. It is not affected by finishes applied on wood and has good sandability.

Titebond wood glue can be used on softwoods as well a hardwoods. It can also be used on porous materials such as pots. It has a very good formation that gives it resistance to mildew, solvents and heat. Even in harsh conditions, your wood will not part at the point you used glue.

It does not have complicated instructions on how to use. It is highly non-toxic so you have no worries of intoxication when you touch it. In case of spillage or it extends to parts of the wood you did not want to use it on, use water to clean it. It also contains no solvents in its formulation. This ensures that your glue will not get damaged once you apply it.

Gorilla Wood Glue

This glue is made using polyvinyl acetate as one of its main ingredients. It is very strong and the hardware you use it on cannot be detached once attached. As its name suggests, it is as strong as a gorilla. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes to clamp then it cures completely in a day. Once it clamps you can use your hardware but not exposing it to so much impact so that it does not part.

It is not complicated, comes in a very simple package so it’s very easy to use. It contains water as its solvent. This makes it non-toxic hence it cannot cause harm to anyone using it. Despite it being water-based, it is resistant to water. When your hardware comes into contact with water, there is no risk of it falling apart.

Gorilla Wood Glue is versatile. Its use is not limited to one type of wood but you can use it on any wood. Be it hardwood or softwood. You can also use it on composites of natural wood.

This PVA glue also dries to a natural color. When you apply it on your wood and leave it to dry, it forms a bond that is invisible. It is therefore not possible for someone to detect the presence of glue bond on your hardware.

Elmers Wood Glue

Elmer's E7310 Carpenter's Wood Glue Max, Interior/Exterior, 16 Ounces
  • Non-toxic, no harmful fumes and easy to clean up with water
  • Painted formula delivers superior bond strength and stainability
  • Resists heat, mold and mildew
  • 16 ounce bottle of extra-strength wood adhesive
  • Bonds stronger than wood

This glue can be used on a variety of wood objects at your home. It can also be used on porous materials such as cardboard, paper or cloth. It does not dry fast so you need to leave your object for a while before using it. You can place heavy items on top of those you are gluing to ease in attachment. It takes roughly a day to completely cure.

Elmer’s wood glue is completely non-toxic so you need not be worried about your safety and that of your children when any of you gets into contact with it. If you need to clean it up due to a spill or spread to the undesired parts, use water while it is still wet. If it has dried up, scrape it off with sandpaper. It is also very easy to clean your clothes and hands in case it gets to them while you are applying.

It has a simple package hence very easy to use. It has good thickness such that it does not flow too much and it’s not so viscous. Its bonds are not affected by mildews or mold. It is also resistance to extreme temperature changes and impact.

Woodmasters Wood Glue

Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA)"Super Glue" by Glue Masters - 56 Grams - Thick Viscosity Adhesive for Plastic, Wood & DIY Crafts
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPER GLUE TO RULE THEM ALL - Glue Masters offers premium quality industrial strength Cyanoacrylate Resin with the strongest bond on the market for your money. With a fast cure and extended shelf life, you can't go wrong with us!
  • A TRUE QUICK FIX - Settles in just under 50 seconds, this glue is the epitome of easy. Gently apply a small amount of our Instant Glue, and watch the magic happen. Our well balanced thick viscosity offers more control to the user while still giving you a nice even flow to get the job done right without the mess or hassle
  • A HOBBYIST'S BEST FRIEND - Helping bring your models, puzzles, and more to completion is our goal! Our glue is the model builder's first pick for a quality hold and a flow you can trust with those delicate planes, trains, and boats. Don't take our word for it, just take a look at our customer reviews and see for yourself!
  • VERSATILITY - From building models to repairing old china, glass, wood, and more, we're THE PICK for general household repairs, carpentry and whatever else you need fixed! It's truly a must have for anyone's toolbox. Our 2oz container offers you enough fixing power for any job, large or small.
  • GUARANTEED - Your satisfaction is our number one priority! That's why we offer an unbeatable 60 DAY GUARANTEE on all of our products! Try us out, and whether you use a little or a lot, if it's not up to your expectations, just send whatever's left back our way and we'll send you back your money! It's truly that easy.

This glue is instant. It takes about 50 seconds to set. It is very strong and keeps the objects joined together with the strongest bond. It cures so fast reducing the time you need to wait, to use your object. It also has a longer shelf life which gives you a longer duration to use it for.

It has the right thickness hence you do not need to use a large amount. The thickness also helps to control the amount of glue you release from the container. It helps to prevent you from applying more glue than required and eases spreading of the glue on the objects.

Woodmasters Wood Glue contains cyanoacrylate formulation which helps it to form the strong bonds and to be used on a variety of objects such as glass, wood and other household objects that need repairs. It is however, ideal for use on wood.

For easy re-use every other time, store it in an upright position. This helps the glue that might have remained in the nozzle to flow back into the container and prevent clogging the tip. You can also place it in the fridge for longer use. It does not dry when in the fridge.

Fast Cap Wood Glue

FastCap 2P-10 Super Glue Adhesive 2.25 Ounce Thick and 12 Ounce Activator Combo Pack
  • Powerful adhesive kit for carpentry or other bonding projects
  • Easy to use--spread adhesive on one item, spray activator on other, hold together for 10-seconds
  • No-clog cap
  • Includes 2-ounce bottle of adhesive, 12-ounce can of activator; products work on most surfaces
  • Kit measures 9.25x4x2.5 inches; weighs 1-1/4-pound when shipped

This is one of the strongest glues for wood with a very short dry time and setting time. It sets within a few seconds so you have to be fast in aligning your objects. It takes a few minutes to completely cure unlike most glues that take an entire day. You can use your wooden objects a few minutes after applying the glue in whatsoever condition with assurance that it will not detach.

It is very easy to use even though you require an activator so that it sticks. All you need to do is spread the glue, spray the activator and align the two surfaces. The activator helps the glue to dry faster. It initiates the formation of bonds within the glue. This bonds are the ones responsible for the strength of the glue.

Fast Cap Wood Glue is resistant to impact. The surfaces will not detach due to impact on them. It is also resistant to changes in temperature, mildew, water and mold. When your objects are exposed to harsh conditions, they will not separate.

The packaging of the glue allows it to be easy to apply. It is also reusable when stored appropriately which is, in an upright position.

Don’t just get yourself glue to fix your household wood, but select the best wood glue for the best properties and for your wood to last longer.

Things to consider when buying Wood Glue

If you’re looking for a decent wood glue, then there are a few things that you’ll want to look out for. Generally, I try to stick with branded wood glue like Gorilla Glue because I’ve found that with some store bought brands, they just aren’t the same quality. But if you’re purchasing a wood glue, here are a few things to think about.


Another thing you’ll definitely want to consider when you’re purchasing a wood glue is the price. Whilst they aren’t the most expensive adhesives around, you still don’t want to be wasting money on wood glue that isn’t of a decent quality. So although price does matter, the majority of wood glues that I’ve used have been pretty cheap and they still get the job done.

Do you need a wood glue?

A lot of people ask me whether they actually need a wood glue, and my answer is always the same. You can’t get the same effect with a different type of glue as with a wood glue, as a wood glue is made specifically for dealing with wood. So, it makes sense that you get a wood glue for your collection if you’re going to be performing a lot of DIY.

Shelf Life

In terms of shelf life, wood glue is very similar to any other kind of glue. You’ll usually get 12 months out of it working at full effectiveness, at which point you’ll need to replace it (however it will probably good for longer than that, that’s just what’s directed on the bottle!).


Overall, these are just a couple of the better wood glues that I’ve used over the years that you might want to think about using yourself. If you’re not sure that you need wood glue, then it might be worth looking at other types of glue. For most home circumstances, a decent quality super glue will prove to be the best choice. However if you’re dealing with furniture or anything to do with wood, then you’ll undoubtedly want to pick something from this list.

Best Hot Glue Gun for Crafting and DIY


If you’re a crafter and you’re looking for an easy way to glue things together, then it’s worth looking at getting yourself a hot glue gun. They’re ideal for those that like to make their own arts and crafts projects, and they can even prove to be valuable for small things around the house too.

But if you’re looking for a glue gun, which is going to be the best option? Well, here are some of the choices you’ll need to consider if you want to get yourself a new glue gun.

Best Hot Glue Gun

Gorilla Hot Glue Gun

Gorilla 8401508 Mini Dual Temp, Glue Gun
  • Dual Temp
  • Precision Nozzle
  • Easy Squeeze Trigger
  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Built-In Stand

Are you looking for the best hot glue gun that is ideal for art and crafts, as well as repairs? The gorilla hot glue gun will meet all your needs being lightweight, with a built-in stand. This is a type that has a comfortable grip and its one of its kind, preferred by many because it is easy to use.

When working on any project, a hot glue gun that has an easy to squeeze trigger is most preferred. The Gorilla hot glue gun serves the purpose and its long insulated nozzle makes it have a precise application.

With $10 or less, you can easily get the best quality of the Gorilla Hot Glue Gun. This is an item that can serve you for many years but only if you observe the entire do’s and don’ts. High temperatures should only be used for stronger materials the like of metal, Wood, Plastic, or Glass. When working on fabrics, jewelry, Floral or Foam, low temperatures are safe.

The Gorilla hot gun is effective but keeping it clean is a must. It is recommended you unplug it after use and always remember to cool it off before storing. Use it with other quality products for it to last longer.

Dewalt Hot Glue Gun

DeWALT DWHTGR50 Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun, Yellow
  • Heat resistant silicone tip guard helps to reduce risk of burns
  • Ready to glue 50% faster with efficient ceramic heating element
  • Sturdy fold-out stand and rubber base help prevent mishaps
  • High-output design applies over 50 glue sticks per hour
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Dewalt hot glue gun is one of the best hot glue guns available in the market today. This silicone tipped gun is safe to use with a reduced risk of getting burnt. Though its tip can hardly burn you, it has a ceramic heating element that makes it efficient to use.

With a $20 or less, you can get yourself this hot glue gun from the stores or have it shipped to your destination, but at a fee. Keep an eye on available offers when you can get it at a discounted rate or enjoy free shipping.

The Dewalt hot glue gun is sold in a variety of designs and types. Choose one that meets your power needs and also comfortable for you. The size of the gun chosen depends on your project, storage space as well as preferences. It is good to note that the output power of the gun chosen determines the number of glue sticks to be used.

This is one type of gun with a limited warranty. It will serve you for long if you learn how to take good care of it. Always remove the loaded glue stick before storing and unplug from power when not in use.

Camelot Glue Gun

Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit Professional Industrial High Temperature Hot Glue Gun full size with Switch + 15 Glue Sticks Dual 60/100W Fast Heating DIY Crafts Decoration Jewelry Woodworking Glue Gun
  • INVEST IN A PREMIUM QUALITY MELT GLUE GUN KIT including a high-end hot glue gun with trigger, fast-heating and ergonomic nozzle for precision glue application. Enjoy the convenience of a DUAL FUNCTION 60/100W thermal glue gun, coming in a MONEY SAVER package together with 15 pieces of clear, transparent 11*220mm Hot Glue Sticks!
  • GET AN ENERGY-SAVING & HEAVY-DUTY GLUE GUN made of PTC Thermistor, to ensure FAST heating up (within just 1-3 min) and maintaining the glue temp steady for longer, saving you money on electricity costs & enhancing the melt gun longevity. It is a sturdy professional glue gun that will make the centerpiece of your home or industrial crafts kit for long years!
  • EASY TO USE & MULTIPURPOSE! Just insert the glue sticks, connect your high temperature glue gun to electrical power, allow it to heat up and pull the trigger! The smartly designed nozzle tip ensures PRECISION USE without dripping, saving you mess in your projects & preventing glue waste. It is the #1 fabric, metal, woodworking, upholstery & all-purpose glue gun!
  • A STUNNING GIFTING IDEA! Thrill a loved handyman, technician, DIY-lover, art & crafts enthusiast with the ultimate trigger glue gun in the zippered Carry Case! Perfect for glue sticks sized 11.0-11.5mm, it will make their home, school, office or leisure activities easier as a glue gun kit for jewelry making, decoration DIY, crafts and model making.
  • YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! We back our home/industrial precision glue gun kit with 100% Money Back Guarantee, to help you buy with confidence. If you are not 100% happy with it, just let us know and we will send you a fast replacement or full refund- NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

The Camelot glue gun is considered one of the best hot glue guns in the market today because of its multiple uses and ease of use. With $25 or less, you can get yourself this multipurpose hot glue gun. It is technicians and handymen’s favorite as it has a satisfaction guarantee.

Are you looking for a hot gun to work on your jewelry, decorations, crafts as well as wood materials? The Camelot glue gun is the best item to buy as it is of premium quality. It is a heavy duty glue gun that is also energy saving.

Most hot glue gun users are looking for an item that will produce a neat outline. The Camelot glue gun is one of a kind with a smart nozzle tip that will not drip. This gun can be used for home, school, office, and other leisure projects.

Camelot glue gun is one kind of a hot glue gun that you can but to gift someone. An art and craft lover will definitely find it useful on their day to day activities.  There is a money back guarantee if the Camelot glue gun does not meet your requirements of the best hot glue gun.

Sergia Glue Gun

Hot Glue Gun Kit with Glue Sticks 20 Pcs Mini Glue Gun, Mouse Pad, Portable case for DIY Small Projects, Craft and Arts & Home Or School Quick Repair Sealing Use, Christmas Decoration/Gift (20 Watt)
  • დ ACTIVATE YOUR DIY TALENT : Without further do, let's fix it! This Sergia hot glue gun set will activate your DIY talent incredibly. This product is suitable for both professional and amateur, men and women or students at school. It's an ideal gift tool for home, office and factory projects including DIY projects, Minor Household Repairs, holiday, birthday and anniversary decoration occasions;
  • დ Safe and protect your each family member: Sergia heavy duty glue gun has an inbuilt fuse that prevents overheating to make it extremely safe to use. Separate ON/OFF switch is convenient and time saving; High-quality Aluminum nozzle is with high temperature protecting cap, leak-proof; The flexible metal stand stabilizes the glue gun and keeps the nozzle downward. The wire of glue gun is with heavy duty copper material and has passed the UL certificate standard;
  • დ TIME AND MONEY SAVING KIT: 1 premium high quality glue gun. 20pcs Premium Transparent EVA super adhesive glue sticks with standard 7mm*130mm makes the glue gun can get instantly being used; 1 thick mouse Pad: 9.8×11.9 inch size, 0.12 inch thickness, keep your table clean; 10 finger caps.1 tweezers. 1 portable plastic case: allow you take glue gun kit anywhere, show your talent anywhere;
  • დ ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND AWESOME EXPERIENCE: Ergonomic design and suitable size make it comfortable to use . 20W hot melt glue gun, with disruptive electronic ceramic PTC heating technology, fast melting (within 2-3 minutes) to preheat , and strong adhesive glue, which is a quick and reliable solution for any craft jobs. The glue gun sticks has no bad smell, super sticky, fast to heat up. With high quality and insulated nozzle, there's no deformation for the gun even frequent using under 500℉;
  • დ MULTI-TASKS FULFILLMENT & 24 MONTHS PRODUCT WARRANTY This hot glue gun set can be used to stick with artistic flowers, brick, card, ceramic, Christmas tree, electronics circuit board, clothes, cotton, fabric, frames, furniture, glass, jewelry, lace, leather, magnet, metal, paper, plastic, shoes, stone, Toy, wicker, wood, home appliance and school project! Save money and feel good. 60 days Money Back Guarantee and 24 months Product Warranty.

The best hot glue gun to buy is one that meets your needs, it’s affordable, as well as a comfortable to use tool. Sergia glue gun meets all these needs making it suitable for most art and craft lovers. The gun is packaged with DIY instructions that you can easily follow to assemble, fix and use it.

Most hot gun users look into the safety part more than anything else. The Sergia glue gun is suitable to be used by children having been fitted with a fuse. Professionals and amateurs can use it as it does not overheat. This is a gun that is popular for home, office and school projects. With just a little supervision, children can use it to make Christmas gifts and/or cards.

With $ 15 or less, you can get yourself a Sergia glue gun or buy and gift a friend. This ergonomic design can give its user an awesome experience making arts and crafts on any material of their choice.

The hot gun comes with a year product warranty. Make good use of it to stick brick, card, Christmas tree, artistic flowers, ceramic, electronics circuit board and/or clothes. It is actually possible to work on any material of choice when using a Sergia Glue Gun

Pam Glue Gun

Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun for UX8012 Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes or less
  • Adjustable High Temperature 285°F - 428°F (140°C - 220°C)
  • Powerful 220 Watt heating element designed for fast, continuous use
  • Use with FMFLEX40 (replacment for UB8012) or FMFLEX180 Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Adjustable trigger maximizes output and reduces fatigue

A pam glue gun is the kind of hot glue gun that it’s known for being very efficient. Are you looking for the best hot glue gun that you can attain maximum temperature in just a few minutes? Your needs are met with the use of a pam glue gun.

Every hot glue gun user is looking for a hot gun that they have the liberty to adjust temperatures. With $ 90 or less, you can easily get this hot glue gun from the stores near you or get one shipped to you. The fact that this hot glue gun has adjustable triggers, you can maximize output and lower probabilities of suffering from fatigue.

Most professional art and craft lovers make use of this professional glue gun. For all your flooring installation, remodeling, repair applications, carpet tack strip, and other installations, A Pam glue gun is the piece to buy.

It is advisable to buy the best glue and other materials to be used with the Pam. Note that other materials are sold separately from the glue gun, thus you need to select them well. Though the hot glue gun comes with a warranty, cleaning and other care are recommendable.

What to Consider when Buying a Glue Gun

When you’re buying a hot glue gun, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. Doing this means you’ll get the best choice for your needs, which is crucial when making any purchase.


Fortunately, the majority of hot glue guns are really cheap. So, you won’t need to worry about the being a huge investment. Saying that, you still need to make sure that you’re purchasing a decent quality glue gun so that it doesn’t break easily.

Glue Sticks

Depending on the glue gun you have, you’ll find that different glue sticks will likely work better with each model. So, you’ll need to ensure that you pick up the right sized glue sticks for your glue gun when you need to refill it.

Corded vs Cordless

Generally, there isn’t much difference between a corded and a cordless glue gun aside from the ability to manoeuvre the gun itself. A corded glue gun can be a better choice for those that are trying to glue in specific areas e.g. the ceiling, as you won’t need to worry about the cord being too short.


All in all, a glue gun is a handy accessory to have around the house. Whether you’re going to use it with the kids to make some arts and crafts, or you want to use it to fix things around your house, a glue gun is a good idea to have lying around the house. You’ll need to ensure that you use the right glue sticks with your glue gun to ensure you get the best out of your gun. But, doing this can make it much easier to seal stuff together in the future.

Best Glue Sticks for a Hot Glue Gun


A good glue gun is nothing without some decent glue sticks. Low quality glue sticks can be a nightmare and in many cases, they might not even pump the glue out properly (I’m talking from experience!). So, it’s important you get the right glue sticks for your glue gun.

But which glue sticks are the best choice? Well, it really depends on what exactly it is that you need. Here are some of the best options for glue sticks if you need to pick some up to go with your new glue gun.

Best Glue Sticks

Artellius Glue Sticks

Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks (Huge Bulk Pack of 1000) 4" and 0.27 Diameter - Compatible with Most Glue Guns
  • AMAZING VALUE PACK OF 1000 - Huge Refill Pack and Half The Price of Other Competitors. Buy in Bulk and Save $$$
  • 4 INCHES AND 0.27 DIAMETER - Fits 99% Of Glue Guns. Completely Safe for Both High and Low Temperature Glue Guns
  • HIGH QUALITY LONG LASTING FORMULA - Easily Melts and Sticks to Most Surfaces with Great Flexibility. It's also Incredibly Durable and Long-lasting
  • PERFECT FOR 100s OF DIY PROJECTS & MATERIALS - Including Arts & Crafts, Basic Repairs, Homemade Jewelry, Fabrics, Foam, Yard, and So Much More!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're ever unsatisfied with the product the Manufacturer will refund your order. No Questions Asked! Artellius is a USA Company with US Based Customer Support!

The Artellius glue sticks are among the best glue sticks available in the market. This amazing glue stick gives you a beautiful finishing off your art irrespective of the material you are working on. The glue sticks come in different packs and you can choose the pack depending on your need. You will save more if you go for a larger pack.

The Artellius glue sticks do not limit you to the temperatures of your hot glue gun. Whether you are using low or high temperatures, the glue sticks are of good quality and are not easily damaged. Adjust your temperatures in regard to the material you are working on.

You can use this type of glue stick for basic repairs, arts, crafts, Homemade Jewelry, foam, yard, and/or fabrics. This is a multipurpose glue stick that will not go to waste even if you buy in bulk. The glue stick is best suited for home, school, office, or any other project you have.

Professionals, amateurs, as well as students, find it easy to work with this perfect for DIY projects type of glue stick. The manufacturer gives a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the outcome of your art.

Gorilla Glue Sticks

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Full Size, 4" Long x .43" Diameter, 45 Count, Clear, (Pack of 1)
  • 5X more durable: for projects that last, 45 second extended working time
  • High temperature for strong bonding
  • Low temperature for delicate materials: floral, fabric, foam, jewelry and more
  • All temperature: safe for both high and low temperature glue guns. Store below 130° F. Store out of direct UV light
  • Versatile: Works on hard to bond surfaces like metal & glass. Sandable and paintable

The Gorilla glue sticks are considered among the best in the market as they can be used for various projects. You are not limited to the temperatures to use with this stick, but it will depend on the type of material you are working on. Use high temperatures when you need to make a strong bond, and low temperatures when working on a delicate material.

Does the best glue sticks mean one that is weather resistant? Gorilla glue stick is what to buy when working on dissimilar surfaces. The glue stick is suitable for you when in need of filling gaps. Your art or craft cannot be affected by seasonal temperature swings.

You get the best from this glue stick only if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You are allowed to sand the joints by hand but not by use of electric sanders. Use of electric sanders melts the Gorilla glue sticks making you not to get its best.

Are you looking for an incredibly versatile and tough glue stick? This is one of the best glue sticks that provide a long term hold even on known hard to bond surfaces. Where other types of glues have failed, this is the kind of glue stick to try.

Uxcell Glue Sticks

Uxcell a14071000ux0475 50 Pcs 7mm Diameter 270mm Crafting Models Plastic Hot Melt Glue Stick (Pack of 50)
  • Product Name : Hot Melt Glue Sticks; Material : Plastic
  • Melting Point : 150-160 Celsius; Softening Point : 85(+/-5) Celsius
  • Total Size : 270 x 7mm / 10.6" x 0.28"(L*D);Color : Black
  • Net Weight : 562g
  • Package Content : 50(+/-2%) x Hot Melt Glue Sticks

The Uxcell glue stick is availed to the consumer in various sizes. You can buy a pack of few or many pieces depending on the size of your project. Buying a pack of many sticks saves on money and you are not at a loss as these glue sticks can be stored for a later date.

Are you looking for the best glue sticks that solidify in a short time? The Uxcell glue sticks are worth buying as they solidify within 8-10 seconds. You can get a well-outlined finishing of art, a there are little possibilities of the stick melting beyond your desired line.

 This is the kind of glue stick to buy when looking for a cold resistant glue stick. There are no possibilities of getting a dry joint when your craft is subjected to cold. The ivory white color of this glue stick makes it suitable when you need a translucent finishing.

The Uxcell glue stick is the adhesive to buy when the toxic levels of the craft are required to be as low as possible. Buy the glue stick when you need to make a craft for Christmas gift or for food packing.

Arrow Fastener Glue Sticks

Arrow Fastener AP10-4 10-Inch All Purpose Glue Sticks
  • Designed for all purpose gluing
  • Ideal with a variety of glue guns
  • Available in a 12 count
  • Use for woodworking, ceramics, leather, canvas, fabrics, cardboard, plastics, metal, etc.
  • Press the surfaces together within 15 seconds

The best glue sticks to buy are those that can be used with most of the hot glue guns available in the market. You cannot go wrong with the Arrow fastener glue sticks, which are versatile and can be availed in most parts of the world. Are you looking for a glue stick that is designed for all types of gluing? This is the type to look for.

To get the best out of the Arrow fastener glue stick, it is advisable to follow the DIY instructions provided in the package. It is recommendable to press the joined surfaces for at least 15 seconds to have the joint strong.

This is not the kind of glue stick to buy if you are to make a joint in haste. Give the craft time to rest for you to get the best joint ever. A 30-60 seconds resting period is recommended. Check also recommended hot glue gun to be used.

There are a number of materials you can use with this kind of glue stick. Are you working on a wooden, ceramic, or leather material? Arrow fastener glue stick is ideal with these materials. Plastics, fabrics, canvas, and/or metallic materials, can also be joined using this type of a glue stick.

Petift Glitter Glue Sticks

Petift Colored Glitter Hot Glue Sticks,Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Sticks Mini Size 0.27 inch by 3.93 inch,12 Color 60 pcs for Arts Crafts, DIY, Home General Repair, Crafting Project, Holiday Ornament
  • Mini Size-Multi-Color: 7mm x 100mm, will fit 20-30w glue guns (mini glue gun).60pcs mini glitter glue sticks per package, 12 glitter colors in total, 5pcs for each color.
  • Material: made of resin, safe and non-toxic, with strong adhesion, works well of fast-drying and clear effect, non-edible items, watch your babies to avoid accidental ingestion
  • Applications: can be applied for paper, wood, plastic, fabric and other things, suitable for your DIY works and handcrafts, also can be a home supplies for emergencies
  • Perfect for arts crafts & hobbies, general repairs and gluing projects: used in metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic,ceramics, carton sealing, crafts adhesive, electronic appliances and other adhesive.
  • Note:This hot melt glue sticks are used for small glue gun with high temperature, be careful to operate and DO NOT touch the hot melting fluid.

Are you looking for colored glue sticks to work on your material? The Petift glitter glue sticks come in a variety of colors. You can purchase these glue sticks from the stores near you or get them shipped to your location. They are suitable for DIY projects, Crafting Projects, home general Repair as well as holiday Ornaments.

The best glue sticks are those that have the best adhesion, Petift glitter glue sticks are the best when you need to work on wood, plastic, paper, glass, and other fabrics. Ceramics, electronic appliances, crafts adhesive, carton sealing, and other adhesive, are best joined with the Petift glitter glue sticks.

This is one kind of glue stick known to make stable and strong joints. When you want to make a tough craft, you cannot go wrong with the Petift glitter glue sticks. The glue sticks are made of thermoplastic materials, making them non-toxic.

With $ 10 or less, you can buy yourself 60 pieces of 12 assorted colors of these glue sticks. Buying a bigger pack is cheaper than buying smaller packs. The glue sticks are durable and when stored well, they can be used at a later date. Buy Petift Glitter Glue Sticks and make yourself a Christmas decoration, jewelry craft or holiday craft; you can also gift a friend.

What to think about when Buying Glue Sticks

Did you know that there is a lot you can do with the best glue sticks available in the market? You can have the best hot glue gun but still, get a substandard art or craft piece if you compromise on the quality of the glue stick. Here are some of the best glue sticks you can buy to work on any material of choice.


Depending on what glue gun you’re using, usually one size is going to be the best option. It should give you a diameter and length on your glue gun, the majority of glue guns have a diameter of around 1/4 of an inch and a length of around 4 inches. This is the most used sized with glue guns, but be sure to check first to ensure you’re getting the right sticks for your gun.


Glue sticks are generally extremely cheap, mainly because glue itself is extremely simple to produce. So, make sure that you don’t overpay with glue sticks, and if you think you’re going to be using glue sticks a lot, then stick with a bundle pack of hundreds or even thousands online for a cheap price.


With other types of glue like super glue, I prefer to opt for more expensive brands, as I’ll find they’re higher in quality. However, this isn’t really the case with glue


All in all, if you’re purchasing a hot glue gun then you’ll undoubtedly need some good quality glue sticks to use with it. Depending on the model of glue gun you get,

Best Grease Remover

Getting a good grease remover is an essential for any household. Sometimes, grease remover is the only thing that’s going to sort that ingrained grease out. Fortunately, there’s quite a few different options nowadays if you’re looking for a good quality grease remover.

To get the best option for you, you need to think about what grease you’re dealing with. For example, some cleaners will work better for pots and pans, whilst others will work a lot better for surfaces and even carpets. Don’t worry – I’ll run through that all in a minute. So, here’s my go to grease removers if you’re looking to make things spotless.

Best Grease Remover

Shumanit Cold Grease Remover

SHUMANIT Cold Grease Remover 26.4 Fl Oz.
  • An effective and unique product for immediate removal of stubborn and burnt grease. Good to use on ovens, pots, frying pans, baking trays, stainless steel dishes, cooking surfaces, steam extractors, etc.

Most people believe that one must apply heat for them to get rid of grease on surfaces. Shumanit cold grease remover is one of the best grease removers that work well without the use of heat or vigorous scrubbing. You can effectively get rid of burnt and stubborn grease using this unique product.

Are you looking for a grease remover that can work on most types of surfaces? With this type of grease remover, you can clean ovens, pots, baking trays, frying pans, as well as stainless steel dishes. Steam extractors and cooking surfaces are some items that are exposed to grease stains and can be cleaned using the Shumanit cold grease remover.

You can purchase this heavy duty cold grease remover from most wholesale and retail stores. Supermarkets and online shops are also known to stock this highly consumable product. With $12 or less, you can get yourself this unique grease remover product.

It is advisable to observe the safety precautions indicated on the packaging product. The grease remover can cause severe burns and should not be ingested. Keep the product in a cool dry place and away from children reach. Only buy the product from reliable shops and stores, to get a genuine product at the recommended price.

Krypton Grease Remover

Crypton Purple Upholstery Stain Remover – Grease, Ink, Crayon & More (32 fl. oz.)
  • Professional strength, ready-to-use upholstery cleaner
  • Engineered to remove the toughest stains like ink, iodine, grease, markers, and red stains
  • Great for stains that previously required solvent cleaners
  • Works great on carpet

Are you looking for a grease remover that is suitable for upholstery? Krypton grease remover is one of the best grease remover types suitable for most fabrics as well as carpets. You do not have to use solvents as this remover is effective on its own.

Are you struggling with grease, ink iodine and markers stain? Get this effective upholstery stain remover that can get even the most stubborn red stains. This is a must-have product for parents with toddlers and gets to deal with ink and crayon stains. The grease remover is known to be tough on the stain but gentle on your carpet or any other surface.

With $ 18 or less, you can get yourself this efficient stain remover. Most wholesale and retail stores are known to stock this grease remover. You can also check in supermarkets and online stores. However, only buy your stain remover from trusted stores. It is possible to get substandard products disguised as stain removers.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions to effectively remove the stains. Care should be taken as stain removers can be harmful if they get ingested or sit on your skin for long. Store your Krypton grease remover in a cool dry place for it to be effective when used on a later date.

Amway Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchens are some of the places in homes that are to remain clean and hygienic. A grease-stained kitchen is not safe to prepare food in, and neither does it look attractive. Amway kitchen cleaner is a product that helps homeowners keep kitchens stain free, dirt free and safe.

Are you looking for a product that leaves food preparation areas clean and safe? The Amway kitchen cleaner is the product to purchase. Your kitchen is left safe, clean, and sanitary without leaving behind any residue. Grime, grease, and dirt are all taken care of by this must have product in your kitchen.

Are you looking for a refill product that takes care of grease naturally? Look no further as you can easily acquire this refillable product from popular stores as well as supermarkets. With $ 23 or less, your kitchen remains clean, safe and stain free. It is not always that you need to purchase a new Amway kitchen cleaner, as with a lesser amount you can get a refill.

Most cleaners are not to be consumed or left sitting on surfaces. For a safe environment, observe all the safety precautions. The cleaner is to be kept in a clean, cool and dry place. All cleaning products are to be kept away from children reach.

Jaws Kitchen Degreaser

JAWS Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser Bottle with 2 Refill Pods. Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products. Refill and Reuse.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Bottle ships empty with two JAWS Refill Pods to make TWO bottles of cleaner.
  • STREAK-FREE: Our streak-free formulas save you time as you don't to go over and over the same spot.
  • VERSATILE: Works great on appliances, counter-tops, granite, stainless steel, grills and more!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: When finished with your bottle of cleaner, just fill your reusable bottle with water, insert the Kitchen Refill Pod and screw the trigger sprayer back on to make a new bottle of cleaner-degreaser.
  • NON-TOXIC: Safe to use around all members of your family. Biodegradable too!

Jaws kitchen degreaser is among the best grease removers you can use to effectively clean surfaces and leave them safe. Modern surfaces, granite, and stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned using this grease remover to remain streak free. Are you looking for a product to clean barbeque grills? This is the best product to use.

This is the best multipurpose cleaner that you can find in the market. It is safe to use as it is grouped as a non-toxic cleaner. Use of this multipurpose cleaner is one way of getting tough on grease stains but gentle and safe on surfaces.

Are you looking for a product that is environmentally safe? Remove stains from surfaces without harming your surroundings. The fact that there are Jaws kitchen degreaser refills, is enough to choose this money-saving cleaner that supports recycling.

The degreaser is available in light orange scented cinnamon and is great for kitchen appliances, counter-tops and more. With $6 or less, you can get this product from stores near you, supermarkets or online shops. You are not limited to the person to use the cleaner as it’s safe for everyone and is biodegradable too. However, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer when using or storing to use later.

St Moritz Grease Remover

Well Done St. Moritz Oil & Grease Remover Cold Action Kosher for Passover 27 Oz. Pack of 3. (Pack of 3)
  • Product of USA. Pack of 3.
  • Kosher for Passover.
  • Oil & Grease Remover Cold Action Efficient and fast working-no heat required, For ovens, casseroles and stainless steel kitchenware. Daily Use.
  • Do not use on gas burners or aluminum utensils, Use only while wearing protective gloves, Keep away from children.
  • Ingredients: Monoethanol Amine, Buty, Glycol, Nonoixynol-10, Potassium Hydroxyde, Sodium Tetrapyrophosphate Xanthan Gum, Propylene, Glycol, Trisodium Phosphate, Steareth-20, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine.

Are you looking for a grease removing product to be used o stainless steel kitchenware, ovens, and casseroles?  St Moritz grease remover is the product to look for in the stores near you, supermarkets or online stores. This is a product that you can use effectively without using heat to remove stubborn grease stains.

This remover is classified as harmful when ingested or sits on your skin for long. It is recommended you use protective clothing when using and keep it away from children. Are you cleaning gas banners or aluminum utensils? Consider the use of any other product apart from St Moritz grease remover.

With $ 30 or less, you can get yourself this effective and efficient grease remover. Consider buying from popular stores that are to be trusted to sell only genuine products. It is allowed to shop around and get to buy from stores that are selling at the recommended prices.

The manufacturer provides a user manual in the packaging. Follow the instructions to the letter for safety and good results. Always store the grease remover in a cool and dry place for it to be in good condition even at a later date. Store the remaining grease remover away from children for safety purposes.

What to Look for in a Grease Remover

Grease is one of the most stubborn dirt to get lead of especially when accumulated on a surface. Whereas many people prefer using natural products to get rid of this dirt, here are some of the best grease removers that you can use.


One of the first things you’ll have to take into account when purchasing a grease remover is the price. Generally, they tend to be pretty cheap, so this isn’t too much of a concern. But, it’s still something that you’ll have to think about.


Different types of grease remover will perform better for different needs. You’ll need to double check the bottle to ensure that you’re getting the best grease remover for your specific needs, whether that be for kitchen surfaces or something else.


You’ll also want to consider the strength of the grease remover that you’re going to use. Depending on what exactly it is that you’re doing, different strengths will perform better for different surfaces. But usually, you’ll need a high strength to combat the grease, especially if it’s built up over a period of time.


All in all, these are just some of the best grease removers that are available to you. Depending on the type of grease you’re dealing with, one of them will likely be far more suited to you than another, so you need to ensure that you’re picking up the right grease remover for the job. With a little grease and some hard work, you can ensure that pretty much any surface.

How to Use a Grease Gun | Tips for Beginners


If you haven’t used a grease gun before, then it can be difficult to know where to start. When you know what you’re doing, a grease gun is extremely easy to use. But if you’ve never used a grease gun before, then it can make things a little difficult to know exactly what you’re doing.

Fortunately, I know a little about grease guns. I’ve been using them for many years now, so I know how a grease gun works. First, we’ll go through how a grease gun works generally. Then I’ll give you some of my top tips for getting the most out of your grease gun.

I also wrote another post about issues you might face with your grease gun. It’s useful if you’re just starting to have issues with your grease gun. The majority of the time, it’s just an air bubble caught at the top of the mechanism. But, there are other things that may be having an effect on your grease gun too.

How to Use a Grease Gun

The first thing that you need to do is work out which type of grease gun that it is that you’re using. Whilst they all basically have the same mechanisms, they can work very differently. For example, some need to be used manually while others are automated and will be air powered (though you’re not going to encounter these as much.

4 main Types of Grease Gun

  • Lever – The most popular type of grease gun are those that are lever operated. It’s a bit self explanatory, but generally you just have to pull the lever to get enough pressure in the gun to force grease out of the nozzle. One of the drawbacks of using a lever powered grease gun is that you’ll need to use both your hands to operate it – this means that you’ll have to have the nozzle in place before you use it.
  • Cordless – Using battery powered grease guns is becoming increasingly popular. It can be a good idea to get a cordless one so that you don’t have to worry about any cables getting in the way. The drawback of this is that you’ll need to ensure that your grease gun is charged before using it.
  • Pistol grip – Essentially this is the same process as a lever, except that you have a pistol grip to pump the grease out instead. A drawback is that you might get less pressure than with a lever grease gun, though they are undoubtedly easier to use.
  • Air powered – If you go to a mechanics or a large company, they may have an air powered grease gun that they use. This is a good way of reducing the physical necessity of pumping, but it’s undoubtedly an expensive option.

For this guide, I’ll generally base it around using a lever type of grease gun. You can easily adapt this for whatever the different type of grease gun it is that you’re actually going to use.

Learning how to use your grease gun won’t take long. After you’ve started to get used to setting your grease gun up, it won’t be long before it becomes second nature to you. Here’s the simple steps on how to use a grease gun properly.

Loading your Grease Gun

Of course for your grease gun to work, you’ll need to ensure that it’s loaded properly. Generally all grease guns use cartridges, but they can vary in size so you’ll need to make sure that your grease gun is suitable for the cartridge size that you’re using. Some grease guns will require you to fill the barrel up manually, in which case that makes this a little more difficult.

Remove the top of the head from the barrel and pull the lever up so that you have the room to insert the new cartridge or fill it up manually with grease. When the lever rod is all the way withdrawn, you should be able to lock it into place (though not all grease guns have this, the majority of new ones should).

Either fill the barrel manually, or insert your grease gun cartridge. If you want to do this properly, then you definitely need to ensure that the cartridge doesn’t have the lip or any foil on top of it. This is a common issue that you’d be surprised how many people leave on – some assume that when you put the cartridge in, it will automatically remove the lid.

You’ll also need to ensure that the cartridge is pushed in properly – it needs to be level with the rim of the grease gun. This should be easy, as they are designed to fit inside easily. After you’ve done this, you can out the barrel back on the end of the grease gun. But, you shouldn’t screw it back on tightly yet.

This is because there’s likely some air caught at the top of your cartridge which will make it impossible for you to push grease out of the end of the gun. Whilst the barrel isn’t screwed on properly, you’ll want to press the rod up to the end of the barrel. This should allow you to easily help expel any air that’s caught at the top of your grease gun.

From here, you should check that grease is coming out of the end of your grease gun comfortably. When you’ve confirmed this, then you can easily screw the barrel back on and pump the grease out of the end of the pump.

5 Awesome Grease Gun Tips for Beginners

There are some reasons and issues that may occur when you have your Grease Gun ready for use. Here are some of the best tips that I’ve picked up from my decade of using grease guns.

1. Make sure the fitting you’re greasing is clean

When I was much younger, I wouldn’t worry about whether the fitting I was greasing was completely clean. This is really because I didn’t accurately calculate how much grease I needed to apply to my wheel bearings, but it was definitely made a harder task because I couldn’t see what I was greasing properly.

2. Double check the fitting first

It’s the mark of a lazy tradesman, but this is also something that commonly happens within the industry. If a fitting is old, rusty or damaged then it can become an issue later down the line. To avoid this, double check the fitting that you’re going to use completely before inspection. This way, you can be sure that you’re not going to grease something that needs changing.

3. Clean the gun after every use

You’re only creating more trouble for yourself later down the line if you don’t keep your grease gun clean. It might not matter once or twice, but if you continuously don’t clean your grease gun then you’re undoubtedly going to end up with something that’s unusable (or at least difficult to use).

4. Don’t tighten up the barrel too much

You’ll need to tighten up the barrel at the top to ensure that it’s working properly. But, you don’t want to tighten this up too much. Why? Well, it can easily cause pressure failure within the grease gun and make it impossible for you to use.

5. Never mix two types of grease together

I learned this one the hard way after I refilled my barrel before it was empty with a different type of grease. Safe to say, they didn’t blend well and I was left with an unusable grease gun and some wasted grease!


Overall, these are the basic tips that you’ll need to pay attention to to make sure that your grease gun is going to work properly. If you follow this guide, you should be able to use your grease gun properly without worrying about breaking it or not being able to get it to function properly.

Grease Gun not working properly? Do this!


If you’ve just invested in a new grease gun, then there’s always the chance that you’re going to have issues using it. Even if you’re experienced at using a grease gun, you’ll often find little problems that can impact the effectiveness of your grease gun. Fortunately, for most of the issues you might experience from using your grease gun, there’s also a resolution. If your grease gun is not working properly, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been using grease guns for many years, so I’ve definitely had some of them stop working for whatever reason – or sometimes, for no reason at all. Usually, it’s an easy fix to get your grease gun working normally again. Here’s a list of what the most common issues I’ve had with grease guns has been over the years.

I’ve just put a new cartridge in my grease gun and it won’t work

Solution – Purge Air

This is undoubtedly the most common thing that I’ve heard from friends when they can’t their grease gun to work properly. They’ve just put in a fresh new grease gun cartridge to use, but unfortunately they can’t get any grease to come out of the end of the nozzle! This is a common issue, and one with an extremely easy fix.

The most common reason that you’ll have an issue with a new cartridge is that air has got caught at the top of the air gun. The air is then getting in the way of you pushing any grease out, which can be a bit of a nightmare. Fortunately, this is easily fixed by;

  1. Turn the base of the grease gun anti clockwise, which allows you to release the air easily.. You shouldn’t need to turn the base more than two or three times to do this.
  2. Continually pump the grease gun whilst you’re doing this, allowing the air to flow out.
  3. When grease starts to come out of the end, then you can twist the base clockwise again and seal up the grease gun again!

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to deal with air at the top of your grease gun. It’s probably the most common issue that you’ll come across. If you can’t get the grease to the end of your gun by pumping it, then you might physically have to push the grease up to the end of the cartridge yourself. Using your fingers and a rag is the easiest way to do this.

Be sure to store your grease gun hung up correctly on the wall to avoid air bubbles reappearing in your grease cartridge again.

If your grease gun is still not working

Although this one sounds like a really simple and dumb thing to do, you’d be surprised by the amount of people that make this mistake. On the top of your grease gun cartridge, there’s actually a cap that holds the grease in. It might seem extremely obvious for you to remove this, but for some novices this can also be a reason that your grease gun isn’t working.

It’s also the case that certain grease gun cartridges have a small metal tab that you might have to pull off in addition to the cap. So even if you haven’t had to deal with this before, there’s the chance that if you’re using new grease gun cartridges then this may become an issue.

The Grease Gun Spring stops working

Probably the most common issue that I see with manual grease guns is that the spring is not giving enough pressure to force the grease into the feed chamber and through the coupler. This is an easy issue to fix, but it will involve you getting a new grease gun spring to use with your grease gun. You can usually pick them up from your local hardware store, and if they’re nice they might even help you put the new spring in.

Other Grease Gun Issues you might Experiences

There are other issues that you might experience with your grease gun, though the ones I’ve mentioned already are undoubtedly the most common issues you might face.

  • Piston Rod (Follower Rod) – If you have an old grease gun, then there’s a chance that the follower rod has corroded or rusted and won’t be working properly. When you’re purchasing a new grease gun, then it’s very easy to test whether your follower rod is okay or not. When you depress the pressure out of the grease gun, do so slowly and you will easily be able to gauge whether your piston rod is working properly.
  • Plunger – I’ve had friends say to me that they can’t pump any grease out of their grease gun because the plunger is too stiff for it to work properly. Or, the plunger itself is too large for the grease gun and it won’t work. This is a really common misconception with grease guns – they can be very stiff at first. If you push it a little harder, it should start to become easier to use your grease gun,
  • Coupler – Another issue that some people have with a grease gun is if they damage the coupler. If you do accidentally damage the coupler, then this can have an effect on whether the grease can come out of the end of your grease gun nozzle.

These are some of the lesser popular issues that people have with a grease gun, but they might still have an effect on how you push the grease out of your grease gun.


90% of the issues that I’ve had or friends have had with their grease guns is undoubtedly related to trapped air at the top of their gun. This is a pretty easy fix, and all you have to do is purge the air at the end of the gun to ensure that you can pump easily. After you do this, you can return to using your grease gun normally like you would like to!

What kind of Grease is best for brake pads?


If you’re looking at applying grease to your brake pads, then it pays to know which type of grease is most effective. If you use the incorrect type of grease for your brake pads, then you run the risk of damaging the pads or at the very least, making them inefficient. Fortunately, all of the types of grease that are commonly used for brake pads are easily accessible and you shouldn’t have any difficult getting hold of them.

The majority of people agree that using a small amount of copper grease on your brake pads can help reduce the squeaky sound they make significantly. Of course, it’s important that you apply the brake grease in the correct fashion to get the best results.

Many people will tell you that you should never put grease anywhere near your brake pads because ‘the factory doesn’t’. This is entirely up to you whether you decide to do this, but in my experience I’ve never had an issue applying grease to my brake pads in many years of doing so.

It really doesn’t matter that type of brake pads that you’re using – whether they’re ceramic or otherwise, it won’t make a difference. It’s really important to grease the brake pads properly to avoid squeaking and other noisies coming from your brake pads.

Where do you apply grease to the brake pads?

If you don’t know where to apply the grease to your brake pads, it isn’t that difficult to work it out. You want to apply the grease to the back of the brake pads. Ensure that you don’t cake the brake pads in grease however – you only need a little bit. Use some rubber gloves to lightly apply some copper grease onto the back of your brake pads and you should notice the difference in the squeaking your brakes make instantly.

Why do I need to use grease for the brake pads?

You don’t need to use grease for your brake pads. They’re definitely not going to affect the functionality of your brake pads, so if you think that you have to do this to avoid damaging your brakes then you don’t need to worry.

You can consider using copper grease for your brake pads whenever you hear that they’re starting to squeak and get a little annoying. But don’t worry about it effecting your cars brakes or anything like that.

How often should I apply grease?

The correct answer for this is; as often as needs be! The main reason that people use grease for their brake pads is to help reduce the squealing sounds that you hear from the brake pads. This means that it is really down to you to decide whether you’re going to use grease regularly or irregularly.

In an ideal world, you’ll very rarely need to grease your brake pads. A rule of thumb is that the higher quality of your brake pads, the less likely that you’re going to have to grease them.

Every time that you feel like the noise is becoming unbearable for you, you should consider using some copper grease on your brake pads.

But, someone said I need to grease my brakes for maintenance?

If someone has told you that you need to grease your brakes, then the likelihood is that they mean something entirely different.

The likelihood is that the person contacting you about greasing your breaks is actually referring to your slider pins. You can easily test your brake caliper slider pins to check whether they need some lubrication. The best grease for using with your slider pins is actually silicone grease – it undoubtedly seems to work best to help lubricate the slider pins. My favorite silicone grease to use for slider pins is probably Sil Glyde, which I can use for a variety of different things too.


Overall, you don’t necessarily need to keep the back of your brake pads greased. This is only a good choice for you if you can’t stand the squeaking of your brake pads any longer, in which you’ll want to use a good copper grease to deal with the sound. Remember to just add a little smear of brake pad grease to the back of your brake pad and not to overdo it, otherwise you may effect the effectiveness of your brakes.

Best Wheel Bearing Grease – The Ultimate Guide


If you’ve just got yourself a used trailer or you need to maintain your current one, then you’ll need to get some good wheel bearing grease.

Why? Well, it’s simple. A good wheel bearing grease is a necessity for any wheels. This is because the bearings are in continuous use whilst you’re driving. A good grease can ensure that your bearings remain undamaged, and if you neglect them, then this can cause you problems further down the line.

Though the majority of wheel bearing greases are very similar, there are a few differences between them that you’ll want to know.

What’s the Best Wheel Bearing Grease in General?

The likelihood is that you don’t need a specific grease unless you’ve got a certain need. The majority of greases are interchangeable, but you need to consider what the best grease for your needs is. If you’re using the grease for bearings that won’t be moving much and are big and bulky, then you’ll want to opt for a heavy duty grease. Whereas if you’re looking for grease for your car brake bearings, then there are better options available. Let’s have a look at some of the better options that are available.

Valvoline VV Series

I’ve been using Valvoline products for a long time and they’re still producing some my favorite products today.

Valvoline is one of the more well known names within the car maintenance industry, and their greases have been used worldwide. But does that necessarily make them the best option?

Well, if you’re looking for something that’s multi use, then you can opt for the Valvoline VV608 (link to Amazon) as your grease of choice. It’s great for a variety of uses, especially for vehicles and trailers.

If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, then you might be better off going for the Valvoline VV986 (link to Amazon). I personally use the VV986 for all of my vehicles (there’s 4 in the family) and some of my trailers too. I like it because it’s ideal for heavier loads and can take a lot of pressure, even with high and low temperatures.

Ideal for: Disc Brake Wheel Bearings, Car Suspension.

Lucas Heavy Duty

Lucas Heavy Duty Grease is certainly another option that you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for a grease that works with larger machinery.

With higher speed bearings, you’ll need something that’s going to last a little longer. Whilst regular grease like the Valvoline should work fine, it’s not going to last long with the friction between the metals. You’ll find yourself having to grease up the bearings often, which can be a bit of a nightmare – you don’t want to spend your time re greasing your bearings consistently. But if you go for a heavy duty grease, then the grease is undoubtedly going to last longer.

When I’ve used this heavy duty grease, I haven’t had to consider greasing my bearings again for at least 6 months, but usually I make it an annual thing.

Ideal for: Trucks, Farm Equipment.

Mag 1 High Temp

I think I’d be doing Mag 1 an injustice by not mentioning their wheel bearing grease. It’s undoubtedly one of the more popular greases available on the market, so it’s definitely worth considering it if you need something that’s trusted by the market. I still have a tub of Mag 1 hanging around the workshop. And do you know why?

Well, it’s because you can use it on pretty much anything. There’s nothing that you can’t use this wheel bearing grease with, so it’s definitely worth considering it if you want something that is multipurpose. It works with a wide range of temperatures – even though it’s advertised as being a high temperature grease, it’s also very resistant to low temperatures too.

Another awesome choice for anyone looking for a solid wheel bearing grease that you can use for other stuff too, then you should consider Mag 1.

Ideal for: Multi Use.

What is the Best Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease?

I have a multitude of different trailers that I use – I’m an outdoors nut, so I need a large amount of different trailers for all the things that I own (boat trailers, kayak trailers etc).

Depending on the type of trailer that you have, you may want a different option that suits you. For Marine greases, you’ll want to opt specifically for this type of grease as opposed to an all-purpose grease. This is because these marine greases are designed to work well no matter how we they get, whereas other greases may be affected by being submerged in water.

First, let’s start with my go to trailer grease that I use on a regular basis.

Lucas Oil Marine Grease

You might be after something heavy duty that you can use for all your marine equipment – whether it be your boat itself, the trailer or your other on water stuff (water skis etc). If you want something that you can use for any of these things, then it might be worth opting for the Lucas Oil Multi Use Marine Grease. There are few more robust greases on the market than this one.


It’s made with a special lithium complex that you won’t find with other greases – using lithium helps to make it more substantial and less reactive with the metal that it comes in contact with. It has a weld point of 620kg – three times the recommended minimum. This means that you can be sure you won’t need to worry about the grease washing away when it’s underwater.

All in all, this is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a good marine boat trailer grease that isn’t particularly expensive, either. I also have another marine grease that I use occasionally and to be honest, there isn’t too much of a difference.

Ideal for: Boat Trailers.

CRC Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

Although CRC aren’t as well known in the grease industry as some other products that I’ve listed, they are undoubtedly one of the best options if you’re looking for some grease for your boat trailer. You might know CRC for more commonly producing brakes, which is one of their specialty products.

Why? Well, this particular grease used an extremely well refined oil as its base for conception. The grease is defined as tacky, which it is – making it really easy to apply, even for the novice wheel bearing greaser. Another thing that I like about this wheel bearing grease is that it’s blue – this means that you can see is very visibly when you’re applying it to your vehicle.

If you’re looking to completely prevent rust – a common problem with boat trailers – then you’ll want to opt for something highly refined like this CRC Marine Grease.

Ideal for: Boat Trailers.

Is Grease the Best Lubrication for Ball Bearings?

If you’re looking to lubricate your ball bearings, then the majority of people will tell you that you should get some grease for them. But, grease isn’t always necessarily the best option to lubricate your ball bearings. There are other options which might be more suited to your ball bearings, so it’s worth considering them as an alternative.

The reality is that around 90% of ball bearings are best of using grease as a lubricant. The other 10%, you would be better off using a good quality oil instead of the grease.

One of the main reasons that grease is a better choice than using an oil is that it will undoubtedly last a longer time than oil. Grease will have a longer lifespan in your wheel bearings than oil, which will need changing far more regularly than using grease.

Larger bearings generally need lubricating more often, so it doesn’t necessarily matter that the oil will run out quickly as they need more maintenance. Larger bearings usually work with larger machinery so they need to be faster – which makes oil a more suitable choice.

The consensus is that if you’re greasing your own bearings, then it’s a better option to go for a good quality grease as this will last longer. You won’t need to worry about using oil, or other solid film lubrications, if you’re just dealing with a regular bearing.

Why you shouldn’t use copper ‘grease’ for your bearings

It’s a common misconception that copper ‘grease’ is actually a grease that you can use for your bearings. It isn’t. 

Copper grease is actually an anti seize, and it’s definitely not intended to be used as a lubricant for your bearings. Whilst you can use copper grease on your brakes in some circumstances, it’s definitely not intended to be used on your wheel bearings. Doing this is a good way to destroy your wheel bearings completely, or at least make them more clunky.

It’s a much better idea to get a grease specifically designed for your needs, and this really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If you need something for your boat trailer, get marine grease. If you need something for your brake pads, then get the best grease for your brake pads. Simple.


Of the greases that I actually use for my products, these 3 are undoubtedly my favorite. The Valvoline has been my number one grease for all my trailers for many years, and I’ve still never found an issue with their products. For my boat trailers, I prefer to opt for something waterproof, so I have both the CRC and the Lucas Oil products – they both work well.